What Your Wedding Song Says About Your Relationship

What Your Wedding Song Says About Your Relationship

The song you and your partner choose to dance to at your wedding has a lot of significance as to who you are as a couple. You should put a lot of thought into your choice.

The classic oldies such as “You Are The Sunshine of my Life,” by Stevie Wonder or “At Last,” by Etta James mean you are traditional. Although there may be some modern touches at your wedding, you are romantics and believe your love will last forever.

Anthems like “Love Story,” by Taylor Swift or one of Katy Perry’s popular melodies show you have a fun loving side. You do not put too much seriousness into life. The idea of dancing to energetic pop at your wedding has a great deal of appeal.

Songs like “Love and Some Verse,” by Iron and Wine or “Sweet Darlin’,” by She & Him are reflections of a love so deep you are the only ones who can understand. You are mysterious and appreciate the cool factor of the song.

Country love songs such as “Need I say More,” by George Strait or “All I Need To Know,” by Kenny Chesney reflect the sweetness of country accents and twangy guitars. Your love is pure and down to earth.

Cheesy power ballads like “I’ll Be There For You,” by Bon Jovi or “You’re The Inspiration,” by Chicago show you don’t really care what other people think. You embrace songs that tell the truth about love.

Songs that make you get up on your feet such as “I Feel Good,” by James Brown or “Happy,” by Pharrell show you are not traditional. You are fearless, energetic and incredibly good dancer. You want everyone on the dance floor with you.

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