The Best Wedding Dress To Look Gorgeous On Your Special Day

The Best Wedding Dress To Look Gorgeous On Your Special Day


Your wedding dress is incredibly important. When you are a bride all eyes are on you and your dress needs to be perfect. There are so many styles to chooses from including ball gowns, mermaids, columns, drop waists, A-Lines and trumpets. BDWed destination wedding planning can help you find the right dress.

What will make you stand out exquisitely is when the style you choose matches the shape of your body. The most gorgeous dress in the world will not look right if it does not suit your curves. There are six basic types of bodies and you need to decide which category you fit into. There is hourglass, petite, plus size, straight, busty and lean. A good destination wedding planner can help.

You’ve decided to have a destination wedding which means it is time to find the right dress. The ball gown is distinguished by an enormous skirt. The bodice is fitted and the cinch falls at your waist. If you have a straight, very lean figure or are busty but slim, this style of dress will make you look curvier. Petite women should avoid this style because it will simply be too much dress for you.

The mermaid style has a tapered, very slim skirt and will hug your curves. This dress will be tight through your thighs and hips then flare out just beneath your knees. A woman with an hourglass figure will look amazing in this style because every single curve will be shown off beautifully.

The column is also known as the sheath. This style will follow the natural lines of your body and has no flare. This is the prefect style for petite, straight and lean figures. The elegance of this style is in the simplicity. With your destination wedding getting closer, it is imperative you find the right dress.

The drop waist style drops down and has a flare that begins just below your waist and continues through your hips. Since this style will hug your hips and waist it looks best on a woman with a slender build and a trim waistline.

An A-Line is designed to be narrower at the top then flow down over the body. This style works incredibly well with all different types of figures. It is the most popular style of wedding gown because you will look fantastic on your wedding day.

BDWed destination wedding planning is the answer to being certain everything is perfect. A destination wedding planner will be sure all the little details are executed to perfection.