Personalize Your Destination Or Local Wedding

Perfectly matching bridal parties are becoming a thing of the past. Whether for traditional church weddings or for a destination wedding, modern day brides have developed an understanding that their bridal party can look fabulous with personalized looks that fit their style.

A recent trend has been mix matched colors of the same type of bridesmaid gown, this allows a uniformed look but allows each individual bridesmaid to wear a more flattering color. Another trend is the same color but in different styles of bridesmaid gown; allowing bridesmaids who are not comfortable in shorter dresses to choose from a slightly longer option while still achieving a uniform look. In addition to this mix match of colors and styles many modern brides are seeking bridesmaid looks that really can be worn again such as skirts and tops.

Recently Lena Dunham, from the Girls TV series, was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding and the bride worked with Jenna Lyons who is the creative director and president of J. Crew. The bridesmaids were allowed to create personalized sequined skirts for the wedding.

For a destination wedding, many brides turn to a more relaxed beach themed bridal party. Brides are also providing their bridesmaids with customized jewelry that they can wear time and time again as well as decorative head bands or decorative hats to bring some diversity to the over-all look. A destination wedding planner will work with a bride to help her incorporate her individual style into her destination wedding.

Best Destination Weddings based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada can help plan a relaxing and romantic wedding. They provide a destination wedding planner who works with the bride and groom to make sure their wedding is everything they hoped and provide services such as save the date cards, wedding invitations, and honeymoon planning.

Important Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Honeymoon

The chaos and stress of planning and funding a wedding can sometimes leave a couple anxious to just get away and enjoy that blissful time of peace with one another. It is exceptionally important not to fall into some of the more common pitfalls of honeymoon planning.

Not doing your research on time 

In today’s world of online flight and hotel booking it’s really no surprise that travel agents are widely utilized to avoid honeymoon mistakes. It can take hours upon hours to try and research a good place to visit and to make all of the reservations needed. Its advisable to start your search as early as possible, even eight months before the day of the vows is recommended as many of the more popular destinations tend to fill up rapidly.

Not participating equally in the process

It is also very important that both parties are actively involved in the planning process. If one person plans everything out themselves it is very easy for the entire experience to be geared around just one person’s preferences and tastes. It is also important to not implement another person’s honeymoon trip. Make your trip special and unique, something to remember for the rest of your days, do not make it one of many honeymoon mistakes.

Not reaching out to the professionals

Another large mistake people make is to not seek out professional help. Travel agents still exist and have access to some of the best deals out there. Travel agents spend a great deal of their time and effort to ensure they can provide their customers fantastic deals at surprisingly low rates.

If you’re planing a honeymoon or a wedding, let our Gurus help you plan everything out and make your entire experience a joy filled one. Out team at Best Destination Weddings will take care of all your requests and ensure your special time is just that, special. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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7 Colors That Would Look Great On Any Bridesmaid

Choosing wedding colors can be a daunting task. On top of the style and venue you are going for, some couples love to keep their wedding after party in mind when selecting their palette. So what are you to do when you have a mega-diverse group of bridesmaids? Choose a color that fits all your girls, and they’ll thank you for it!

Emerald green
Not all shades of green look good on everyone. For instance, it is not easy to pull off Kelly green, but a dark, jewel-tone hue is universal. If you choose a vibrant color, it will add intrigue without excluding anyone out.

Of course we had to add black to this list! This color looks timeless and slimming on everyone. Plus, picking it gives you a head start already because black will allow you to play around with unexpected textures or silhouettes.

If black feels unappealing, switch it up, and go for its lighter cousin – known as Navy. This color has the similar feeling, but it is a little softer compared to black.

Every girl can pull out a red lip, so why not a red dress? Just be sure to go for what they refer to as true red which is the original version of the color. Picking a deeper or brighter shade could cause some bridesmaids to look good while others to feel self-conscious in this color.

One should not confuse bright turquoise or a true blue with teal. Teal is a dark shade of blue-green. It is the blending of these two hues that makes teal a great fit for the bridesmaids.

Blush is always in and is also a wise pick for even the most diverse group of girls. A light pink brings out your bridesmaid’s natural complexion.

Choosing shades of purple can be very tricky, so be sure not to pick lavender or mauve, which are not ideal for everyone. Instead, stick to eggplant, plum or old time favorite – violet. The cool and warm mix is what makes this shade a perfect fit for everyone.

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