How To Pack for Your Destination Wedding and Honeymoon

Are you delighted to be planning your very own destination wedding and honeymoon? As the day draws near you may be wondering how you should pack for such a momentous occasion. Do not fear- we have put together a short list to help you pack for your big events.

Make a List
Make a list of everything you would like to take with you. Write down everything from the most obvious to the most subtle of items. It may be pretty hard to forget your dress or suit, but it is surprisingly easy to forget those special earrings or tie tacks if you haven’t written them down. Once you have made the list, then layout your items and double check that you have everything.

Protect the Wedding Attire
This is arguably the most important outfit of your entire life. There is nothing worse than getting to your destination only to find that something has spilled onto your suit or gown. Make sure that you have multiple layers of protection. You may wish to stuff the bodice with acid-free tissue paper, keep dryer sheets in the sleeves or bodice, and seal your outfit into a waterproof, protective garment bag.

Be Prepared For It All
You never know what you will encounter while traveling. Pack the extra bobby pins, nail polish, jewelry, travel-sized medical kit, and a needle and thread. Think of everything that is important to you and then pack extra of everything you can think of. You should assume that literally anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Be prepared.

Plan Your Clothing Carefully

You know that your wedding attire is the most important outfit, but what other outfits must you have? Do you need a new outfit for every day of your honeymoon or can you survive with wearing a dress more than once? Can you mix and match tops and bottoms to save on the number of outfits that you have to pack? You should make sure to pack everything that you need, but not more clothing than you need. Save that space for important souvenirs or keepsakes from your special day.

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