A Night To Remember Before The Wedding


Months of wedding planning, and it’s finally time to enjoy the party. The rehearsal dinner is a traditional part of pre-wedding celebrations. While many follow standard wedding customs, you may choose something less typical. The main idea is to celebrate with family and friends, thank everyone and present your bridal party gifts.

Your Guests

Wedding traditions say the groom’s parents host the rehearsal dinner, but these days couples often pay for the rehearsal dinner themselves. If that’s the case, consider inviting your wedding planner to emcee the event. Including parents, step-parents, siblings and grandparents you want to invite bridesmaids, groomsmen and the significant-others of your bridal party. Experts recommend keeping the guest list small to keep it intimate.

Time and Place

Depending on the location of your ceremony, you may choose an elegant restaurant or quaint caf√© for the rehearsal dinner. A beach-side barbecue is another option. There’s no rule that rehearsal dinners have to be dinners. To accommodate travel plans or the ages of your guests, a family-friendly lunch, brunch or tea party might be better. Talk to the wedding gurus at Best Destination Weddings for more ideas for your rehearsal dinner.

Entertainment and Customs

Speeches and toasts are customary wedding traditions for rehearsal dinners. Everyone shares fond memories and best wishes for the couple, or funny childhood stories and inside jokes. Wedding customs often include using a photo montage or “story of us” video as a nice way to end the meal. If you plan to include a video, double check that audio-visual equipment is available at your location.

Whatever you decide, the rehearsal dinner is time with your loved ones, so enjoy the occasion. You’ll find the professional help of the wedding gurus at Best Destination Weddings¬†perfect for these occasions.