A Night To Remember Before The Wedding

Months of wedding planning, and it’s finally time to enjoy the party. The rehearsal dinner is a traditional part of pre-wedding celebrations. While many follow standard wedding customs, you may choose something less typical. The main idea is to celebrate with family and friends, thank everyone and present your bridal party gifts.

Your Guests

Wedding traditions say the groom’s parents host the rehearsal dinner, but these days couples often pay for the rehearsal dinner themselves. If that’s the case, consider inviting your wedding planner to emcee the event. Including parents, step-parents, siblings and grandparents you want to invite bridesmaids, groomsmen and the significant-others of your bridal party. Experts recommend keeping the guest list small to keep it intimate.

Time and Place

Depending on the location of your ceremony, you may choose an elegant restaurant or quaint café for the rehearsal dinner. A beach-side barbecue is another option. There’s no rule that rehearsal dinners have to be dinners. To accommodate travel plans or the ages of your guests, a family-friendly lunch, brunch or tea party might be better. Talk to the wedding gurus at Best Destination Weddings for more ideas for your rehearsal dinner.

Entertainment and Customs

Speeches and toasts are customary wedding traditions for rehearsal dinners. Everyone shares fond memories and best wishes for the couple, or funny childhood stories and inside jokes. Wedding customs often include using a photo montage or “story of us” video as a nice way to end the meal. If you plan to include a video, double check that audio-visual equipment is available at your location.

Whatever you decide, the rehearsal dinner is time with your loved ones, so enjoy the occasion. You’ll find the professional help of the wedding gurus at Best Destination Weddings perfect for these occasions.

Personalize Your Destination Or Local Wedding

Perfectly matching bridal parties are becoming a thing of the past. Whether for traditional church weddings or for a destination wedding, modern day brides have developed an understanding that their bridal party can look fabulous with personalized looks that fit their style.

A recent trend has been mix matched colors of the same type of bridesmaid gown, this allows a uniformed look but allows each individual bridesmaid to wear a more flattering color. Another trend is the same color but in different styles of bridesmaid gown; allowing bridesmaids who are not comfortable in shorter dresses to choose from a slightly longer option while still achieving a uniform look. In addition to this mix match of colors and styles many modern brides are seeking bridesmaid looks that really can be worn again such as skirts and tops.

Recently Lena Dunham, from the Girls TV series, was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding and the bride worked with Jenna Lyons who is the creative director and president of J. Crew. The bridesmaids were allowed to create personalized sequined skirts for the wedding.

For a destination wedding, many brides turn to a more relaxed beach themed bridal party. Brides are also providing their bridesmaids with customized jewelry that they can wear time and time again as well as decorative head bands or decorative hats to bring some diversity to the over-all look. A destination wedding planner will work with a bride to help her incorporate her individual style into her destination wedding.

Best Destination Weddings based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada can help plan a relaxing and romantic wedding. They provide a destination wedding planner who works with the bride and groom to make sure their wedding is everything they hoped and provide services such as save the date cards, wedding invitations, and honeymoon planning.

Which is the Right Season for Your Wedding?

Choosing the right wedding season can open up a number of possibilities and activities suitable for the ceremony. If you have no specific date in mind, it is good to know what the advantages and disadvantages of every season are.



The spring season is considered to be a favorite among many as the weather gets warmer and flowers start to bloom. However, chances of rain are pretty high during spring, so you might consider celebrating your most special day of the year indoors. The best choice for the palette are earthy tones and March 20 – the Spring Equinox day – is one of the most preferable wedding days.



Summer days are ideal for outdoor activities but beware of the extreme climate. We think of rooftop patios, flowers in abundance, slushy margaritas, and acoustic guitar serenades when we envision a summer marriage. Here are some tips for summer weddings: Bright colorful flowers can make the ceremony livelier; and while arranging the outdoor activities, try giving the guests handheld fans or holding parasols to make them feel more comfortable in the hot climate.




During the fall, nature becomes ideal by changing its green leaves to orange, gold, and red ones. There’s also that cool breeze throughout the day. With bright orange pumpkins, yellow sunflowers, and gold and ruby red flowers everywhere, you will experience an unforgettable wedding. While arranging outdoor parties and activities, just keep in mind that the weather can be unpredictable.



Winter is an unexplored season due to its snowy themes and holidays, but it is a good choice for people who want to include some Christmas themes in their marriage. Interestingly enough, you will find many discounts concerning rentals of marriage halls and other associated expenses, due to the fact that it is an “off-season”. Also, you can make sure maximum guests are attending the ceremony by choosing any day next to the famous holidays in the season (everybody has days off during these periods, so they won’t have a reason not to attend).

If you need help to plan your wedding or better ideas, including outdoor parties, more wedding seasons advice, or a destination wedding, you can contact us today and get our professional services at competitive rates.


Important Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Honeymoon

The chaos and stress of planning and funding a wedding can sometimes leave a couple anxious to just get away and enjoy that blissful time of peace with one another. It is exceptionally important not to fall into some of the more common pitfalls of honeymoon planning.

Not doing your research on time 

In today’s world of online flight and hotel booking it’s really no surprise that travel agents are widely utilized to avoid honeymoon mistakes. It can take hours upon hours to try and research a good place to visit and to make all of the reservations needed. Its advisable to start your search as early as possible, even eight months before the day of the vows is recommended as many of the more popular destinations tend to fill up rapidly.

Not participating equally in the process

It is also very important that both parties are actively involved in the planning process. If one person plans everything out themselves it is very easy for the entire experience to be geared around just one person’s preferences and tastes. It is also important to not implement another person’s honeymoon trip. Make your trip special and unique, something to remember for the rest of your days, do not make it one of many honeymoon mistakes.

Not reaching out to the professionals

Another large mistake people make is to not seek out professional help. Travel agents still exist and have access to some of the best deals out there. Travel agents spend a great deal of their time and effort to ensure they can provide their customers fantastic deals at surprisingly low rates.

If you’re planing a honeymoon or a wedding, let our Gurus help you plan everything out and make your entire experience a joy filled one. Out team at Best Destination Weddings will take care of all your requests and ensure your special time is just that, special. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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Top 3 Wedding Destinations For 2017

The wedding day is a very exciting day, but having a destination wedding is much more exhilarating. Traditional weddings will always be a bride’s lifelong dream, however, tying the knot in one of the most beautiful places in the world is a whole different experience. Having a wedding on a white sandy beach, or in the midst of a tropical oasis with lush green foliage in the background, or even in a cozy chalet with snow falling outside, can make lifetime memories for the bride and groom, as well as for their families and friends.

These are a few of the Top Wedding Destinations for 2017;

1. Maldives

The Maldives have some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. The 1,190 chain of islands with spectacular pure white sand and shades of azure ocean fading into the horizon with a clear, peaceful blue sky, is such a tranquil ambiance. Having a wedding on a sandbank surrounded by turquoise waters is one of the most beautiful settings for a once in a lifetime wedding.

2. Italy

When you think of Italy, you envision romance, art, and architecture. You also think of world-class cuisine and wine, the rolling hilltops and vineyards of Tuscany, the beautiful Lake Como, or the stunning views of Capri. Italy offers distinctive regions with diverse settings that you and your guests will cherish while enjoying the feeling of authentic Italian ambiance. With so much beauty in every region, Italy is one of the most popular wedding destinations on Earth.

3. Hawaii

Hawaii has so much to offer, from gorgeous beaches, beautiful lush mountains, tropical rainforests, to stunning waterfalls and unforgettable sunsets. With 6 islands to choose from and so many distinct surroundings, Hawaii is a perfect wedding destination. The pleasant climate all year round also provides the option of having a wedding any time of the year in this natural wonder.

For wedding destinations 2017, there is an abundance of magnificent places to choose from and choices to make that can get a little overwhelming, but BestWeddingDestinations.ca can help you with all that and make all your dreams come true! Book an appointment today and get a free wedding consultation or request a quote and find out everything about you dream destination wedding.

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7 Colors That Would Look Great On Any Bridesmaid

Choosing wedding colors can be a daunting task. On top of the style and venue you are going for, some couples love to keep their wedding after party in mind when selecting their palette. So what are you to do when you have a mega-diverse group of bridesmaids? Choose a color that fits all your girls, and they’ll thank you for it!

Emerald green
Not all shades of green look good on everyone. For instance, it is not easy to pull off Kelly green, but a dark, jewel-tone hue is universal. If you choose a vibrant color, it will add intrigue without excluding anyone out.

Of course we had to add black to this list! This color looks timeless and slimming on everyone. Plus, picking it gives you a head start already because black will allow you to play around with unexpected textures or silhouettes.

If black feels unappealing, switch it up, and go for its lighter cousin – known as Navy. This color has the similar feeling, but it is a little softer compared to black.

Every girl can pull out a red lip, so why not a red dress? Just be sure to go for what they refer to as true red which is the original version of the color. Picking a deeper or brighter shade could cause some bridesmaids to look good while others to feel self-conscious in this color.

One should not confuse bright turquoise or a true blue with teal. Teal is a dark shade of blue-green. It is the blending of these two hues that makes teal a great fit for the bridesmaids.

Blush is always in and is also a wise pick for even the most diverse group of girls. A light pink brings out your bridesmaid’s natural complexion.

Choosing shades of purple can be very tricky, so be sure not to pick lavender or mauve, which are not ideal for everyone. Instead, stick to eggplant, plum or old time favorite – violet. The cool and warm mix is what makes this shade a perfect fit for everyone.

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Five Myths About Weddings

Marriage is one of the most precious events that one could have. It truly is the most unforgettable event that happens throughout a person’s life. Many myths exist about marriage, however. If you’re thinking about tying the knot some time soon, then you will need to know the truth about these top five marriage myths:

You Should Never Be Hasty When You Choose Your Wedding Dress

To the contrary, spending too much time picking a dress can be detrimental to your game plan. It can leave you stuck with too many candidates. Sometimes it’s best to choose the first one you fall in love with. 

You Have to Wear a White Dress

A white dress is not mandatory for you to have an amazing wedding. You can wear any color you love, and it can signify your precious spirit and personality. 

Your Engagement Should Be One Year Long

Many people believe that an engagement should at least be one year long so that the two parties do not rush. While it is true that they should take their time, it is not true that one year should be the engagement term. Many people have short engagements of six months and less, and they go on to live happy new lives. Other people stay engaged for two years or more. The term depends on the couple. 

The Wedding Must Be Perfect

No event is perfect, and no one should be able to convince you that your wedding should be as such. Have fun and create the best wedding that you can possibly create.

You’ll Cry About His Proposal

The myth that you will cry huge tears of joy when your mate proposes is very false. In fact, you may even end up laughing. Many people have strange reactions when their emotions are that high. 

Stay away from myths, and you will be able to reap all the joys of an amazing wedding. Focus on making it the best occasion you can make.

There are many things to consider when deciding on your wedding. Once you know what you want, it will be easier to decide. If you get stuck or need help, getting a wedding planner would be most beneficial to you. Contact Best Destination Weddings for all of your destination wedding needs.

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What Your Wedding Song Says About Your Relationship

The song you and your partner choose to dance to at your wedding has a lot of significance as to who you are as a couple. You should put a lot of thought into your choice.

The classic oldies such as “You Are The Sunshine of my Life,” by Stevie Wonder or “At Last,” by Etta James mean you are traditional. Although there may be some modern touches at your wedding, you are romantics and believe your love will last forever.

Anthems like “Love Story,” by Taylor Swift or one of Katy Perry’s popular melodies show you have a fun loving side. You do not put too much seriousness into life. The idea of dancing to energetic pop at your wedding has a great deal of appeal.

Songs like “Love and Some Verse,” by Iron and Wine or “Sweet Darlin’,” by She & Him are reflections of a love so deep you are the only ones who can understand. You are mysterious and appreciate the cool factor of the song.

Country love songs such as “Need I say More,” by George Strait or “All I Need To Know,” by Kenny Chesney reflect the sweetness of country accents and twangy guitars. Your love is pure and down to earth.

Cheesy power ballads like “I’ll Be There For You,” by Bon Jovi or “You’re The Inspiration,” by Chicago show you don’t really care what other people think. You embrace songs that tell the truth about love.

Songs that make you get up on your feet such as “I Feel Good,” by James Brown or “Happy,” by Pharrell show you are not traditional. You are fearless, energetic and incredibly good dancer. You want everyone on the dance floor with you.

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Choosing the Perfect Date for your wedding

He popped the question. And of course you said I do.
You’ve got the perfect groom and you may even have an idea of where you want to have your wedding. But the biggest question is when? Picking a date for your “big day” really sets it in stone. So choosing the perfect date for your wedding should be carefully selected. Here are a few things to consider when choosing.
Who’s Coming?
Every couple has a handful of guests that must be in attendance. Check with their schedules for any conflicts. Be choosy in who you ask about availability. People can go overboard. Remember this is your wedding and you may not satisfy every one’s needs.
Lucky or Symbolic Numbers
When picking your date you may choose a special day like when you first met or the day of your first date. Others look for dates that look great on paper like 2/20/2020, or clean numbers like 5/25.
Wedding Costs
The most popular months for weddings are June, August, September and October. Keep in mind that many venues increase their rates in these months and availability could be limited.
If you are planning to have your wedding out of town or would like to have a destination wedding, you have to choose wisely. Giving your guests plenty of time to make arrangements for travel is essential.
Depending on your theme, it may be appropriate to have your wedding during a specific season. If you want an island themed wedding or your wedding color is bright, then it would be most appropriate to have a wedding in the summer.
Dates to Avoid
There are some dates that just cause conflict and should be avoided. For instance, having a wedding in the middle of tax season may be a bit overwhelming for some. Especially if you are an accountant. Also, keep in mind of religious holidays and dates. For example, having a wedding on Friday may not work for the Jewish religion as Shabbat is observed on that day. For Muslims, Ramadan is celebrated around June, so it may be beneficial to either avoid that time all together, or make sure you are having a wedding at night.

There are many things to consider when deciding on your perfect wedding date. Once you know what you want, it will be easier to decide. If you get stuck or need help, getting a wedding planner would be most beneficial to you. Contact BdWed for all of your destination wedding needs. They can help you choose a wedding date with all of your personal considerations and take some stress of for you. They are located in Edmonton, but are virtually available to plan your wedding if you live outside of the area.

Ladies, Three Words: Wedding In Italy

You probably only need one reason to convince you to have your wedding in Italy. Besides the beautiful scenery, amazing shopping, and scrumptious food it can be surprisingly cost-effective to have an Italian destination wedding. In addition to a cheaper wedding your wedding can also be virtually stress-free by hiring a destination wedding planner. Sure, having a destination wedding will mean less guests but the upside is a more intimate experience.

Believe me when I tell you the only thing you’ll have to worry about is picking out the perfect dress and the location of your wedding. You can’t go wrong with a country like Italy where any given city is beautiful ensuring all your wedding photos will have striking backdrops. If you and your guests would prefer the upscale Italian designer shops then Milan, for example, would be perfect for you. While you’re there you can also see Leonardo DaVinci’s “The Last Supper”.

You could choose Venice for an opportunity to treat your other half to a gondola ride through the stunning canals after your wedding. If you’re a history lover you might want to have your wedding in Florence. From the statue of “David” to the Uffizi Gallery and the Duomo, Florence is an epicenter for Italian Renaissance pieces. In the city of Tuscany you’ll find the best wines and picture-perfect small towns. Southern Italy is mountainous and the coastlines will have you considering dropping everything and buying a one way ticket.

With all the benefits of having a destination wedding, you’ll wonder why you didn’t consider it sooner. Choosing a country like Italy to have your wedding in will make certain that it will be a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity that you, your sweetheart, and your guests will talk about for years to come.

Contact Bd Wed for all of your destination wedding needs. They are located in Edmonton but they are also international and can fulfill many of your destination wedding needs virtually. Click here to contact them today.