7 Colors That Would Look Great On Any Bridesmaid


Choosing wedding colors can be a daunting task. On top of the style and venue you are going for, some couples love to keep their wedding after party in mind when selecting their palette. So what are you to do when you have a mega-diverse group of bridesmaids? Choose a color that fits all your girls, and they’ll thank you for it!

Emerald green
Not all shades of green look good on everyone. For instance, it is not easy to pull off Kelly green, but a dark, jewel-tone hue is universal. If you choose a vibrant color, it will add intrigue without excluding anyone out.

Of course we had to add black to this list! This color looks timeless and slimming on everyone. Plus, picking it gives you a head start already because black will allow you to play around with unexpected textures or silhouettes.

If black feels unappealing, switch it up, and go for its lighter cousin – known as Navy. This color has the similar feeling, but it is a little softer compared to black.

Every girl can pull out a red lip, so why not a red dress? Just be sure to go for what they refer to as true red which is the original version of the color. Picking a deeper or brighter shade could cause some bridesmaids to look good while others to feel self-conscious in this color.

One should not confuse bright turquoise or a true blue with teal. Teal is a dark shade of blue-green. It is the blending of these two hues that makes teal a great fit for the bridesmaids.

Blush is always in and is also a wise pick for even the most diverse group of girls. A light pink brings out your bridesmaid’s natural complexion.

Choosing shades of purple can be very tricky, so be sure not to pick lavender or mauve, which are not ideal for everyone. Instead, stick to eggplant, plum or old time favorite – violet. The cool and warm mix is what makes this shade a perfect fit for everyone.

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Photo Credit: Pixabay.com